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5770 Final Reflections: Most Popular Lists

5770 Final Reflections: Most Popular Lists

As part of our final 5770 reflection, JInsider wanted to weigh in on what created the most buzz in the Jewish community. Here is our first annual list of most popular stuff (as reported by those in the know). Tell us what you like or what should be included at

The Written Word
Source: Jewish Lights Books

1. “Making Prayer Real”
by Rabbi Mike Comins
2. “Who By Fire, Who By Water –
Un’taneh Tokef”
Edited by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, PhD
3. “Repentance: The Meaning & Practice
of Teshuvah”
by Dr. Louis E. Newman,

Source: ArtScroll

1. “The Beit Hamikdash: The Temple & The Holy Mount”
by Rabbi Zalman Menachem Koren
2. “Wasserman Expanded ArtScroll Siddur”
Edited by Rabbi Nosson Scherman and Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz
3. One-Volume Interlinear Chumash by Rabbi Menachem Davis

1. Jewish Silly Bandz (Holiday Assortment)
2. Jewish vs. Goyish Calendar (2011)
3. Realistic Toy Shofars
Source: Skyview

1. Bartenura Moscato
Di Asti
2. Barkan Chardonnay
3. Baron Herzog
Chenin Blanc
1. Barkan Cabernet
Barkan Merlot
2. Weinstock Select Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon

Source: Pomegranate kosher supermarket in Brooklyn

1. Classic Chummus
2. Chimichurri Dip
3. Dill Dip

Public Speaking Events
Source: 92nd Street Y

1. Matisyahu
2. Alan Dershowitz
vs. Jeremy Ben-Ami debate
3. Supreme Court Justice
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Religious Education Websites
Source: Jinsider Analytics


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