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21st Century Judaism According to Satirist Jon Stewart

21st Century Judaism According to Satirist Jon Stewart

Last week was a big week for Jon Stewart: He held a mock rally on the Washington Mall and interviewed President Barack Obama. Stewart could be one of the most influential — and at times one of the most controversial — Jewish personalities in the media. He is an “equal opportunity” satirist whose popular fake news show and best-selling books use humor in a thoughtful and provocative manner. “Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race” (Grand Central Publications), Stewart’s newest book, is no exception. In taking on as subject matter all of human history, Stewart of course finds room for a little self-deprecation and a few scathingly funny jabs at our community. Reader warning: the content could be semi-offensive. Tell us what you think at Here are some excerpted highlights:

In keeping with the Biblical law, Jews affixed Mezuzahs to their doorposts so the Chinese delivery boys knew where to go.


“Please protect me from violent pogroms/offensive stereotypes/negative reviews of my Broadway show or novel/ negligence lawsuits from my podiatry practice.” (Typical)

“If I leave now I can make it home in time for “Friday Night Lights”. (Reform)

A Flock Divided

Primary religious divisions:
Reform, Conservative, Orthodox

Areas of Disagreement

• How Jewish was “too Jewish”?
• Kosher socks, a bit too much?
• Women: unclean or rabbinical candidates?

Jewish boys and men wore yarmulkes to symbolize their subordination to their mothers.

Every religion (Judaism) had its unique system for channeling God’s authority from highest to lowest.

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