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10 Reasons A Married Woman Longs For Singlehood

10 Reasons A Married Woman Longs For Singlehood

Editor’s Note: For a singleton’s longing list of what married life must be like, click here.

10. Sex

9. Remembering when bagels, lox, and a man in bed came without a side of in-laws

8. Caring how I look (and running out for 10pm pedicures)

7. The elusive promise of a Friday night (and wondering what life has in store for me)

6. Knowing how to kill spiders and fix toilets by myself (how many married women does it take to screw in a lightbulb)?

5. Kvetching and bonding with girlfriends about appalling men

4. Being heard (as a married woman, your voice transmits on a wife-y frequency inaudible to your husband)

3. The adventure of searching for that 6”2 inch hedge funder with a BMW and a social conscience

2. Communication that consists of more than mutual grunting

1. The option of accepting dinners from strange men

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