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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Speaking Unfairly For Dr. King
By Jewish Week Editors
What New York Times columnist Michelle Alexander got wrong by invoking MLK in her sharp critique of Israel.
Opinion / On Countering Anti-Semitism, Fight Or Join Critics? Yes.
By David Bernstein
Opinion / Pro-Israel Democrats Need To Fight For Their Party
By Jonathan S. Tobin
Staying At The Intersectional Table? Women’s March Movement Plans Next Steps
By Shira Hanau
Sarsour Rejects Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism While Attacking Anti-BDS Laws
A Timeline / The Women’s March Anti-Semitism Controversies Explained
By Josefin Dolsten
From Pittsburgh To Parkland, ADL Reports Surge In Extremist-Related Killings
By Steve Lipman
White supremacists cited as main culprit.
Editor's Desk
Joe Lieberman And Jack Lew On Faith, Leadership, ‘Unprecedented Chaos’ In D.C.
Alarmed And Armed: ‘Even Rabbis Are Carrying’
By Steve Lipman
Three months after Pittsburgh, security concerns testing synagogues.
Gov. Shutdown
Community Mobilizing To Aid Federal Workers
UJA-Fed. approves $5 million in loans for those caught in shutdown; Met Council, other groups stepping up.
What We Can Learn From The Forward’s Woes
By Jewish Week Editors
Opinion / The Forward’s Woes Deal The Jewish World A Blow To The Kishkes
By Andrew Silow-Carroll
The View From Campus
Students Muzzled By ‘Pro-Israel Machine’
By Lev Gringauz
So-called ambassadors never ask themselves what kind of Israel they want.
Film Review
Géza Röhrig Takes Mourning To New Depths In ‘To Dust’
By Sandee Brawarsky
Body And Soul (And A Certain Porcine Presence)
What’s Behind Bibi’s African Adventure?
By Nathan Jeffay
First, Chad, then South Sudan and Mali? ‘Some of our best friends are Muslims.’
Poetry And Prayer In Appalachia
By Sandee Brawarsky
A conversation with Erika Meitner, recipient of the 2018 National Jewish Book Award for poetry.
Pittsburgh Congregants Visit Charleston Church That Was Attacked In 2015
By Marcy Oster
The View From Campus
Looking In, Looking Out
By Rami Teeter
Struggling to find a balance with Orthodox life at Oberlin.
Life Coaching Coming To Jewish Ed Circles
By Amy Sara Clark
Shabbat Yitro
The Sweet Transmission Of Tradition
By Rabbi Charles E. Savenor
Dystopian Drama ‘Autonomies’ Stands On Its Own At NY Jewish Film Festival
By Jordan Hoffman, The Times of Israel
By the creator of ‘Shtisel,’ the six-part series depicts an Israel officially divided after bitter civil war turns the country into walled-off religious and secular states
The 2019 Oscar Nominations Are In!
By Marcy Oster
NY Jewish Film Fest / Through A Lens Sensitively
By George Robinson
Film Spotlights Storytellers Of Warsaw Ghetto
By Jonathan Mark
Fresh Ink for Teens
Malaysia’s Olympic-Sized Mistake
By Avi Koenig
Malaysian government bans Israelis from Paralympic Qualifier.
Jewish Magic
By Ted Merwin
Jews have a long history with magic, going back to Moses, whose staff turned into a snake.
Balboa Park’s Californian Soul
By Hilary Danailova
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