Editor's note: Click here for the view from the other side of the aisle: 10 reasons a married woman longs to be single again.

10. Sex

9. Brunches with lox, bagels, and cream cheese in bed with an adorable husband (sex on the side)

8. Not having to worry about whether I have a pedicure

7. A steady date for Friday and Saturday nights (and no more wondering when life will change for me)

6. Not having to screw in lightbulbs, kill spiders, and fix toilets by myself (even a Jewish man is handier than a Jewish woman!)

5. No longer having to kvetch to girlfriends about appalling men

4. Being heard and deeply understood

3. No longer having to loiter on the synagogue steps or go on dates with men who hide their Streisand collection

2. The beauty of communication without words

1. No longer having to obsess about strangers' germs