It’s been a year since JOFA joined the Jewish Week and we wanted to share with you all the ways in which JOFA’s blog has given voice to the Jewish community. From responding to the OU’s Ban on Female Clergy in February and the Rabbanut’s “Blacklist” of American rabbis this summer, to being a space for women to share their experiences with abuse and infertility, JOFA’s blog has been changing our communal discourse, one blog post at a time.

Check out the links below to catch some of our top stories from 2017!

#1 Most Read Blog Post: Answering The Transgender Son by Kol Raychaim

Runner Up: Do Extreme Tznius Codes Perpetuate Rape Culture? by Shayna Abramson

#1 Most Shared on Social Media: As An Orthodox Rabbi’s Wife, I Was Grateful For Planned Parenthood by Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Best Cover Photo: Shvimkleids: Swimwear, Not Just For The “Frum”

Speaking Truth to Power:

Dear Rabbis, From A Concerned Mother

We Are Here To Stay

Why Would You Ask Rabbi Schachter?

Religious Extremism Is A Threat To Judaism

#MeToo – Responses From the Jewish Community:

#metoo campaign image, courtesy of JOFA

“Me, Too.”

You Shouldn’t Have.

Listening To Trauma

Abuse Happens Here

Sephardi Feminism Series:

What Is Sephardi Feminism About?

This Is What Ethnic Discrimination Looks Like

A Tale of Two Farhas

Orthodox & LGBTQ:

Two men standing in solidarity at the Jerusalem Pride Parade, Getty Images

Why This Orthodox Rabbi Marched For Pride In Jerusalem

Transgender and Transcendent

Coming Out To My Mexican Jewish Family

Stay tuned for everything coming up in 2018!

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