It is important to start the school year off with all your child’s important documents organized and ready to go. It can be helpful to buy a large binder and three-hole puncher so that right away you can put any document into the appropriate section of your binder. Make sure every document has a date and contact information when applicable. Try to keep documents in chronological order.

Here are a list of sections to include:

  • Child’s educational history: Report cards, standardized test scores, evaluations, IEP documents by school system and private evaluators; Documents relating to any behavioral concerns; End of year reports and Progress reports.
  • Financial documents: SSI, Medicaid information (child’s benefits), insurance information (insurance name, group number, policy holder, employer name, plan number, phone numbers, addresses). Invoices or copies of check that you need to get reimbursed.
  • Child’s health and medical history: Medications, vitamins, supplements (Name, date started/stopped, dosage, prescribed by, reasons for taking, side effects, notes). Doctors reports and test results.
  • Journal/Notes: Section with blank paper just to write notes. New phone numbers, notes about your child’s behavior. Reminders. Information from different meetings.
  • Correspondence: Letters or other documentation from teachers, programs, doctors etc. Formal notices of meetings scheduled about your child.

Make sure to include blank pages within each section so that you have a place to write questions, comments, questions or any notes.

Here is a list of information to include so that you can have it always readily accessible:

  • Appointments/Therapies/Programs: Day of the week, program, time, provider, address, phone number, email address, fax number, and notes.
  • Important contacts: Name, type of contact/specialty, phone number, address, email address, fax number, and notes.
  • Log: Agency & contact name, phone number, date called, service/information requested, appointment date, documents needed, status, and follow-up.

 Good luck and wishing everyone a great school year ahead!

Frances Victory, Ph.D., C.P.C., is a Developmental Psychologist, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Speaker, and Certified Life Coach at Victory Coaching LLC. For more information about her services, please check out her website: She can also be reached at