Parker Jewish Institute’s Ambassador Program Truly Listens to Patients and Residents
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Parker Jewish Institute’s Ambassador Program Truly Listens to Patients and Residents

New Hyde Park, NY, February 13, 2018 – Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation has established the Ambassador Program, designed to enhance and strengthen Parker’s already famous patient-centered health care philosophy.   The program makes extraordinary things happen every day, and Truly Listens to Patients, Residents and their families.

“The Ambassador Program is the eyes and ears of our management team,” stated Michael N. Rosenblut, Parker Jewish Institute President and CEO.  It’s like an internal communications network, bringing issues of concern back to the team’s attention.  “In this way, the administration can address any urgent issues quickly and on a regular basis,” he stated, adding the program supports his corporate philosophy which is exemplified by Parker’s tagline, Where Excellence Is The Standard.

Ambassadors are members of Parker’s administrative staff, and each is assigned to cover a particular floor.  They make frequent rounds looking for things out of the ordinary, such as: broken tiles; squeaky doors; flickering lights; food on the floor; patient and resident concerns, etc.  Their goal is to resolve any issues by submitting them to the administration, director of nursing, or management.  The goal of the program is to strive to make the Parker community better and stronger by improving communications, address concerns as they happen and create an experience of empowerment and engagement by all.

An Ambassador highlight is the Prestige Program.  Newly admitted residents and patients are visited by two full-time Prestige staffers, who provide information about services and amenities at Parker, optional community resources once they’re discharged, and answers to frequently asked questions.  According to Rosenblut, “Patients can’t remember everything they’re told on their first day, and that’s where Prestige comes in.  Their families can rest assured someone will be here to help guide them,” he stated. Also included are Concierge Representatives (CRs) from the Parker Nursing Department.  On the first day of an admission, and for the next five days, CRs spend time with new patients or residents, helping to familiarize them with Parker.  Each CR also conducts a survey after this initial orientation.  CRs may also respond to call lights, deliver trays at meal times, transport patients to activities, etc.

Parker Jewish Institute, conveniently located at the Queens-Nassau County border in New Hyde Park, is a leading provider of Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Care.  At the forefront of innovation in patient-centered health care and new technology, the Institute is also a leader in teaching and geriatric research.  Parker Jewish Institute features round-the-clock clinical teams, and is nationally renowned as a skilled nursing facility, as well as a provider of community-based health care, encompassing Social Adult Day Care, Home Health Care and a Hospice Program.

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