With the passage of The Compassionate Care Act, about 18,000 New York residents can legally obtain a medical marijuana certificate to treat their medical conditions (provided they’re on the state’s approval list). These include HIV, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, inflammatory bowel disease, and, more recently, chronic pain, making it easier for more New Yorkers to qualify for medical marijuana.

Even if you qualify, finding a licensed New York doctor that issues 420 evaluations can be extremely difficult and take forever since less than 5% issue them.

But now, thanks to California-based telemedicine company NuggMD, New Yorkers can connect with licensed cannabis doctors quickly and easily, saving time, effort, and money.

A 100% legal cannabis certification service, NuggMD connects people with licensed doctors to get medical marijuana evaluations exclusively online. Anyone with an internet connected device can be issued a medical marijuana certificate online without ever leaving home.

NuggMD has already helped over 50,000 Californians get mmj recommendations and has now expanded to help New Yorkers access their medical marijuana too!

The Legality of Medical Marijuana in New York

By signing The Compassionate Care Act, also known as Assembly Bill 6357, Governor Cuomo granted New Yorkers the use of state-regulated medical marijuana from approved dispensaries. Citizens can now get a cannabis card in New York permitting them to use medical marijuana and relieve their pain more naturally, no longer dependent on potentially addictive, and even deadly, painkillers.

The bill also helped remove state-level criminal penalties on both the use and possession of marijuana, provided individuals are certified mmj patients.

Now that you know medical marijuana is legal in New York, what are you waiting for? Let NuggMD instantly connect you a qualified doctor and become a certified NY medical marijuana patient in minutes!

NuggMD — Get Your New York Medical Marijuana Card Online

The company not only guarantees a quick process, but also the cheapest price in the state. The doctor’s consultation is free; only pay once you’re approved! First-time certification is only $199 while renewals are $99.

NuggMD’s certificate is legally recognized by the New York State Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Certification Program for one year from its issuing date.

Joining the Medical Marijuana Program in New York with NuggMD

With NuggMD, finding a doctor, getting evaluated and certified can be done in less than 30 minutes. No more searching online for “local cannabis evaluation centers,” as the process can completed just by following these three easy steps:

1. Create a Profile

Provide some personal information like your New York ID, medical history, and symptoms. The process takes only about five minutes and your personal info remains safely stored in an HIPPA compliant and encoded database.

2. Video Chat with a Medical Board Licensed Doctor

Next meet your doctor via video chat using a device with internet access and a video camera. He or she will provide a thorough evaluation to see if you qualify to use medical marijuana. If you do, you’ll be issued a certification of approvalnow you’re one step closer to complete cannabis relief!

3. Getting Your Medical Marijuana Certification

Finally you’ll receive an electronic copy your certificate and detailed instructions on how to complete the NY Medical Marijuana program application. This separate application requires a small registration fee, but you’ll receive your mmj card by mail in a few days. After receiving your card, begin enjoying medical marijuana throughout New York!

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Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New York



NuggMD doctors are ready to help you become a medical marijuana patient today! They’re available seven days a week between 8am and 10pm.

The state only has five registered organizations that can cultivate, manufacture, and dispense medical marijuana. With this limited amount of providers, finding your nearest dispensary will be quick and easy as they can be found on the state’s medical marijuana program website.

These dispensaries are only able to sell a 30-day supply of approved mmj products like liquids, vape oils, inhalers, and capsules because under NY law, smoking cannabis and eating edibles are still illegal.

Although Nugg, NuggMD’s sister company, doesn’t provide access to marijuana delivery from local dispensaries as they do in California, they plan to expand that service in New York as soon as possible.