“What?” is the most popular 4 letter word as we get older
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“What?” is the most popular 4 letter word as we get older

Hearing Wisdom hearing aids will help you hear clearly again for just $594.

Over the past decade solutions for better hearing have been rapidly changing. As everyone knows, newer hearing aids are practically invisible.  The technology has also changed to meet the needs of active hard of hearing adults who attend concerts, eat in restaurants, and talk to their grandchildren over the phone.

One of the most important changes is that the price barrier has been broken. Today you no longer have to pay $5000-$7000 for a pair of hearing aids. Nor do you have to make multiple trips to a store to order them, get them fitted and then get them readjusted. We at Hearing Wisdom are among the leaders in selling the highest quality hearing aids online. Our hearing aids start at $594 per hearing aid.

We reduce a multistep process to just a few simple steps. And we have reduced any perceived risk because we guarantee our hearing aids for 3 years and will refund your full cost within 60 days if you are not satisfied.

Here are answers to some of your questions. Visit us at www.hearingwisdom.com or call us at 1-888-564-2436 to learn more.

Who is Hearing Wisdom?  Hearing Wisdom is a leader in selling hearing aids online. Our founder wears hearing aids, and his mission is to make hearing easy, clear, and inexpensive to all those who have age-related hearing loss. We are committed to serving our customers at the highest standard and are ready to converse with you whenever you are interested in improving your hearing. Our office is at 45 Rockefeller Center, New York, New York, 10111.

What are Our Products?  Our hearing aids are made by one of the Big Six manufacturers (so called because they dominate the market) and we sell them for such a low price under our house name. Our hearing aids are based on great technology that gives you the clarity of hearing just like the most expensive ones, but starts at the fabulous price of just $594.

We have hearing aids that deliver quality sounds using a remote and others which work well with smart phones. If you synchronize your hearing aid with your smart phone you gain extra options such as being able to stream calls and music directly into your hearing aids or using your smart phone as an additional microphone. And all our hearing aids have separate volume controls for each of the 4 programs.

Why Buy a Hearing Aid? Research has shown that many people start having hearing loss in their 60’s or70’s but often do not do anything about it for a number of years. This delay is due to many factors, one of which is that people find it embarrassing to buy a hearing aid, and also embarrassing to wear one. Well, now you can buy in the privacy of your own home. And the newest hearing aids are nearly invisible. You can try them on in your own home and you can adjust them yourself! And with prices at an all time low, you do not have to break the bank to hear better.

The newest hearing aids are smart. We set our hearing aids to gradually increase the volume automatically overtime since first time users prefer lower settings at first. Our hearing aids also come with a separate volume control for each program setting to made adjustments easy. All our hearing aids are adjustable by you the user. Finally, many hearing aids today “learn” from your experience and reset themselves as you move from environment to environment after you have used them for a while. They become fully integrated with your daily life.

How do You buy Online?  Buying a hearing aid has never been simpler.  Visit our site online at www.hearingwisdom.com. Choose your hearing aid, talk with us with any questions you may have, and order. If you have an audiogram we program your hearing aid to your specific needs. If you do not have an audiogram we discuss with you your hearing loss history, and we program your hearing aids to our own algorithms. Payment methods include financing by PayPal and are secure. We mail you your customized hearing aid within 3 business days.

Hearing well is within your reach. You don’t have to break the bank to hear clearly. Starting at just $594 per hearing aid. Prove to yourself how just a few steps can improve your hearing and your life. Your loved ones will appreciate it!  Call 1-888-546-2436 today.