A neighborhood group protested a Jewish day school during school hours last week, the latest episode in a long-running dispute with its next door neighbor, who says noise from the school is hurting her health, according to the Washington Jewish Week.

Some of the group waved signs with guns to express the harm the school’s noise is inflicting on Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, who has sued the Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital, claiming it is in breach of an agreement to build a noise barrier, the Washington Jewish Week reported.

Police will be on hand at the school for several days, and the school has invited parents to a meeting to discuss the conflict between the school and Welsing, a psychiatrist, author and former faculty member of Howard University Hospital and Medical School who is in her late 70s and who has been living in her house for about forty years, the newspaper said. A group supporting Welsing called “She Shall Not Be Moved” had collected 1,572 signatures on an online petition.

Most recently, the dispute centers around the school’s commitment to build a fence; the school told the Washington Jewish Week that it thought that process was moving forward and that it was waiting for Welsing to sign their proposal.

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