Directions December 2012

Directions December 2012

Landmark Status Places (and a few people) we love. Meditations on the Jewish cityscape.

INSIDE Directions December 2012
The Lower East Side, in memory.
Stitching together a Jewish identity in the garment industry.
Serving up theater tradition, and a side of Jewish history.
Honoring Hizzoner, for his unabashed ethnic pride and for bringing New York back.
Bobby Kennedy’s visit to a shul on Eastern Parkway marked the beginning of the end of the borough’s liberal Jewish presence.
Measuring the arc of a life, and an institution.
Against all odds (and urban demographics), a Greek-Jewish presence still clings to the Lower East Side.
Personal and communal changes, with ‘The Park’ as backdrop.
For a short, memorable time, a bachelor pad on the Upper West Side was home base for a young generation of Yiddishists.
A high schooler tries to come to terms with the whole liberal Jewish intellectual thing.
The sacred, and somehow life-affirming, work of preparing the dead for burial.