You know about the zillion or so Jewish blogs out there in cyberspace, but there are also plenty of blogs that are not focused primarily on Jewish issues – but which provide a lot of content about Israel, U.S. Middle East policy and a range of domestic issues that Jews love to debate. Here are five that are consistently interesting:

Jeff Goldberg: the Atlantic’s blogger supreme. Lots of items about Israel, U.S. Middle East policy, and much more.

Laura Rozen: She covers diplomacy for Politico, and is often first with breaking Middle East news.

Washington Post’s On Faith. Great general religion news coverage in blog format.

Religion Clause: a retired law professor with a special interest in church-state issues offers a nice daily compendium of news on the issue.

Religion Dispatches: On the lefty side, always interesting reading here on the intersection of religion and public policy.

-James Besser