Sooner or later, all great minds and great souls are drawn to Chabad.

It’s Dylan’s favorite place to daven.

And now, Paul McCartney showed up at a Chabad dinner in New Jersey.

Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein (Shmuel Ben-Zvi) surely would have gone to Chabad, too, if he didn’t go to Heaven first.

And speaking of Chabad, the most recent — and excellent — Fall issue of the Jewish Review of Books has a fine review by Abraham Socher of Sam Heilman’s book on the rebbe, shredding the book’s claims to scholarship (such as the use of only single and dubious sources to "prove" the bio’s most controversial and potentially damaging claims about the rebbe’s Yiddishkeit in Paris).

One reason why the Jewish Review of Books is becoming a must read is the high quality of its reviewers and the number of serious books reviewed. Unlike too many Jewish publications, they presume a Jewishly literate and sophisticated readership, and they don’t write down to the lowest Jewish denominator.