Congratulations on an uninterrupted series of articles intended to question your readers’ views on conservatives, the Tea Party and Republican candidates. Your zeal is overshadowed only by your bias. 
I am a temple vice president, a board member and/or officer of four significant Jewish organizations, a former board member of UJA-Federation of New York and a former division chairman of an Israel Bonds campaign. I think my bona fides as a caring member of our community are pretty well established. I also have a Tea Party flag flying from my building on Broadway in New York City. 
I feel more comfortable with the views and beliefs of conservatives, and I also have far more confidence in their support for Israel than I do in the party of Cynthia McKinney or in an administration that is jawboning Israel in its peace negotiations in an unprecedented and frenetic manner. 
I urge you to find some balance. In doing so, you may also find some relevance.