Inspired by the great jazz bassist Charles Mingus, who brought together the black church and the jazz avant-garde, Israeli-born bassist Omer Avital brings the musical tradition of his Moroccan-Yemeni heritage into a spirited conversation with mainstream-modern jazz. “I wasn’t presented with a cultural ‘mix’ growing up; I was presented with very different, very separate cultures that never mixed, and I had to find my own way to bring them together,” Avital told The Jewish Week in 2015. With a big tone, a gift for melody (“New Yemenite Song”) and hurtling, caravan-in-the-desert rhythms (“Afrik”), he is a singular voice on the jazz scene. Avital’s 2016 album, “Abutbul Music,” embraces hard-bop but spices it with Israeli folk music, Afro-beat and Latin rhythms. With pianist Eden Ladin, saxophonists Asaf Yuria and Alexander Levin and drummer Ofri Nehemya.

*Performances on Dec. 5th and 6th at both 7:30 and 9 p.m.