The Israeli-born pianist plays an original mix of jazz, funk and Hebraic fusion. Ladin marks the release of his new album “Yequm” on the Contagious Music label.

Performances at both 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.

Each set is $15 general admission/$10 members.


After 9 years of living in NYC and being an in-demand sideman, Eden has finally decided to record his debut album as a leader. This was a long awaited moment as he has been composing music throughout his life. The title – “YEQUM” is a Hebrew word that stands for “Universe” – This album is the glimpse to Eden’s personal universe. The music on this record is a collection of compositions written over the years. Each composition came from a different place – some are dedicated to people in his life, some to scenes and experiences in his life, and some are about imaginary fables and stories which he invented.