Doug Chandler’s article on Jewish women deciding whom to vote for come November truly resonated with me (“Elections Stirring Passions Among Jewish Women,” Sept. 14).

As a 26-year-old Jewish mother, I haven’t voted in too many presidential elections yet, but I have never had to think as long and as hard as I am now about which way to pull the lever. I love Israel and, just as passionately, believe women are entitled to control their own reproductive rights. I was never convinced I’d have to choose between the two, since I was skeptical that a vote for President Barack Obama really meant the devastation for Israel that conservative pundits forecasted.

With the increasing animosity between [Israeli Prime Minister] Bibi [Netanyahu] and Obama, however, and the Obama administration’s tepid view of Jerusalem’s status, it looks like I — along with many other Jewish women — will be forced to choose between a president who values a warm friendship with Israel and a president who ensures we have a say over our own bodies. What a shame.