April begins Autism Awareness Month. Here at The New Normal, we promise to bring you a variety of voices speaking about the experience of living with autism, and how we as a Jewish community can best support people who have autism across the lifespan. That means creating inclusive early education centers, meaningful workplaces and housing communities and more. Our bloggers will be sharing perspectives about how our community can provide effective formal and informal education and also make our synagogues and other communal places more inclusive of people on the spectrum and their families.

Last week’s CDC data stating that 1 in 68 children is being diagnosed with autism means that every Jewish institution—day school, synagogue, JCC—will soon be integrating people who have autism into their community, if they haven’t started doing so already. We want "The New Normal” to be a forum where we can share best practices, offer advice around challenges and inspire each other to seek hope and take action.

We will be sharing an autism blog roundup later this month, featuring our favorite autism blogs. We’d love to have you weigh in. Please share your favorite blog in the comment section below or on our New Normal facebook page.