Editor’s Month: Last month we shared a story about the impact that Hadassah’s Adler Aphasia Center is having in Israel. We’re delighted to share these photos from the Center’s recent Aphasia Awareness Month events.

The senior staff of Hadassah Academic College’s Adler Aphasia Center met with the Knesset Speaker MK Yuli Edelstein on Wednesday, July 12th together with aphasia patients. The meeting was part of Aphasia Awareness Month in Israel. The volunteers and staff of the Center initiated Aphasia Awareness Month in Israel two years ago.  Outreach programs are held throughout the country and include speaking engagements in the media.

Members of the Adler Aphasia Center stand before the Knesset. Courtesy of the Adler Aphasia Center

The Adler Aphasia Center provides long-term rehabilitation care, treatment and therapy for individuals with severe acquired speech and language aphasia. Aphasia is a general language dysfunction caused by damage to the language centers of the brain. Hadassah Academic College is home to Israel’s only such rehabilitation center for severe aphasia. The center is also the first international branch of the Adler Aphasia Center in New Jersey.