A letter to the editor of The New York Times that was printed on June 6, 1934.

The Times had run a story, "Religion Among Jews Found To Be Waning."

One reader, Sidney J. Simon, wrote to the editor, disagreeing with the article’s conclusion as summed up in that headline.

Simon wrote:

"…. In New York and in other large cities today there are rapidly growing groups of young men and women which are attaching themselves to the synagogue," Young Israel shuls.

"Already the number far exceeds that of the young men and women who attended the synagogue 30 years ago.

"This movement, known as Young Israel, has 24 active branches in Greater New York and similar branches in 12 of the large cities of the United States.

"It is significant that the employment bureau conducted by Young Israel at 120 Wall Street has received more than 10,000 applications for positions from young men and women who, in spite of the present economic situation, will not accept work unless the employer will allow them to keep the Sabbath. Does this indicate a waning of religious feeling?"

— Sidney J. Simon
New York, June 1, 1934